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Sabbat Wheel Of The Year

The sabbat Wheel of the Year is an extremely important symbol in Wicca and Neopaganism. There are eight pagan sabbats (or festivals) placed at even intervals throughout the year. These festivals have their roots in Judaism and Christianity, and the Wheel of the Year has been important to followers of various religions for celebrating harvesting seasons.

However, the word “sabbat” comes from the “witches’ sabbat,” meaning a witch’s or pagan’s meeting. Sacred Mists wants to celebrate the entire witching year with you with our Wiccan sabbats items like sabbat altar baskets, anointing oils for the sabbats and esbats. We also have Wheel of the Year bracelets, pendants and necklaces. To track the pagan sabbats, there are annuals and almanacs, sabbat Wheel of the Year calendars and plaques for your sacred spaces. We encourage you to celebrate each and every Sabbat to fully feel the joy of each season and the cycle of birth, life and death that comes with each year.

Sabbat + Seasonal Candles
Sabbat + Seasonal Candles

Wooden Finish Wheel of the Year
Wooden Finish Wheel of the Year

Pagan/Wiccan "Wheel of the Year" Wall Plaque with wood finish. Exquisitely crafted Wheel of the Year Plaque 12" in Diameter. Plaque has 8 different hangers on the back so you can change with the seasons! This beautiful Wheel of the Year plaque displays the eight festival days of Paganism, Wicca, and Witchcraft.


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