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Lilyth's Favorites

Lilyth's Favorites


Many of you know me as Lady Lilyth. I work with our Shoppe customers as well as Sacred Mists College students to ensure that everyone is well taken care of. It is my top priority to ensure that you have the best experience possible! When going through the list of products that Sacred Mists Shoppe carries, I decided to share with you products that I use in my practice or make for the Shoppe.

Tapping into the magick of the world around us, connecting to people and remaining centered in this life can be achieved through spiritual practice and joy in what you do everyday. I love sharing my practice with you and hope you enjoy these products as much as I do.

Conscious Spirit Oracle DeckConscious Spirit Oracle DeckThis Luminous 44-card deck is imbued with Kim Dreyer's artistic vision & her passion for the natural & the supernatural elements we encounter on our soul paths. This deck includes chakras, angels, & spirit guides as it awakens the spirit & rekindles the connection between the cosmos and the earth.

From Lilyth: If you are looking for a stunning oracle deck that has fantastically written affirmations for a single card draw every morning, look no further! This deck is amazingly drawn with imagery to include association to the elements as well as chakras, spirit guides, angels, faeries and more in vibrant color! I use this deck daily to set my daily affirmation for continued spiritual growth.

*pictured is a single card drawing from Sacred Mists own, Lilyth's deck.

Chakra Mini Candle SetChakra Mini Candle SetThe perfect Chakra Meditation candle set, anointed and blessed, ready for your use! Burn them together to work with and align all chakras or burn individually for working with and cleansing of a particular chakra.

Shades of the Underworld Candle PlateShades of the Underworld Candle PlateUnique round glass candle plate with feet. 5.5" diameter.

Goddess - Blessed Affirmation PillarGoddess - Blessed Affirmation PillarAn Earthen Brown candle with a scent of Woodsy Patchouli. The Goddess, Mother Earth, is constant in her nurturing support of life. She is the ultimate, unconditionally loving mother that fills us with strength to sustain the trials of life.


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