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Septarian Free Standing Nodule #6

Septarian Free Standing Nodule #6

Regular price: $95.95Sale price: $81.56
Unique One of a Kind Piece ~ You will receive exactly this gem. Hand-chosen for color and quality by Lady Lorien & Lady Lilyth.

Size: 4.75"x 2.75"

Septarian (also known as "Dragonstone") Nodules combine all the metaphysical properties of the minerals that make it up, making it extremely powerful. It also aids communication with our Mother Earth. It is said to help in overall healing and health. It is also an amazingly grounding stone. It relates to the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. Septarian Nodule is used to assist in communication with others and to aid in being heard and understood. It also plays a role in rapid healing for the body and degeneration of teeth bones and muscles. Septarian Nodules help in banishing nightmares, negative energy and block psychic attacks. (i.e. psychic vampirism)

Septarians were formed approximately 50-100 million years ago when the Gulf of Mexico reached what is now Southern Utah. De-composing sea (shell) life, killed by volcanic eruptions, had a chemical or molecular attraction for the sediment around them, forming mud balls. Tide and wave action rolled the balls around increasing the size of many of them. As the ocean receded the balls were left to dry and crack. Because of their bentonite content they also shrank at the same time, trapping the cracks inside. They were then covered by sediment. The ocean returned de-composing more shell life above them. As this de-composed calcite from the shells was carried down into the cracks in the mud balls, calcite crystals formed. A thin wall of calcite was transformed into aragonite dividing the bentonite heavy clay (shale) exteriors from the calcite centers. Because of this dividing wall (septum in Latin) the geodes are called Septarians.

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