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Cone of Power - Selenite Energy Vortex Tower

Cone of Power - Selenite Energy Vortex Tower

This amazing and extremely unique energy vortex generator is made of Selenite and shaped by hand into magnificent and extremely useful tools ready to become a core element in your magickal workings!

Stands ~7 inches.

Selenite: Selenite is named for Selene, Greek goddess of the Moon because of its moon-like glow.

Selenite is one of our favorite stones to work with, as it lifts the spirit, generates an amazing amount of energy, and its level of protection is virtually unsurpassed.

Known gifts of Selenite:
Brings about mental clarity
Helps one to access universal guidance
Quickly unblocks stagnant energy
Instills a deep peace
Generates and moves large amounts of energy when put to work

As mentioned, it also is a wonderful protection stone. Place selenite towers at the corners of your home to create a peaceful, safe environment that will not be disturbed by outside influences.

Selenite is a crystal form of gypsum. Selenite is often known as the light bringer, due to its linear crystal structure it behaves like a natural fiber optic. If any light is shone through the material it is transmitted down the full length of the crystal. This is a physical manifestation of its metaphysical properties. The crystal structure is very linear and is easily cleaved into natural wands.

As a meditation tool, selenite could be considered as the sword of awareness cutting through assumptions and promoting re-connection between the conscious self and the inner mystic. Selenite allows direction of energy into the body and energy system to remove blockages which result in dis-ease.

Hand crafted in Morocco.

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