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Sacred Reiki Distance Healing - 2 Hours

Sacred Reiki Distance Healing - 2 Hours

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Sacred Mists now provides Sacred Reiki distance healings for those external to our extensive training programs! Our healings are offered in a caring, pagan-focused environment by skilled and trained Reiki healers, attuned to Level II Sacred Reiki. Currently, all distance healings are performed by Rev. Lorien herself - a Reiki practioner for over 14 years and Master Teacher of Sacred Reiki.

Reiki healing is extremely effective, even at a distance! All healings will be performed by appointment - we will contact you via email to schedule - and are done while you are sleeping, allowing you to be completely relaxed and receptive to the session without any external disturbances.

Our Sacred Reiki healing service guidelines are as follows:

** Performed via distance by trained and certified Sacred Reiki healing practitioner
** Each session spans approximately 2 hours
** Will implement auric scanning and if needed, cleansing work - leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated
** All information gathered about your situation or condition for which the healing is being performed will be held in the strictest of confidence - Please be sure to provide detailed information in the comments area during checkout about your specific situation and why you feel you are in need of healing and where you would like us to target. Be as specific as possible!

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