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Spell Kits

Sacred Mists Spell Kits are a necessity for your magickal journey as actively practicing Working Witches™. The complete sets have all you need to focus your intuition and energy to create and manifest the change around you. Find herbal therapy of magickal blends for spirit awakening, spell scrolls, protection gemstones, ritual oils, ritual and altar kit sets, and candle spells of the four intents. For extra protection, find beautiful bottle necklaces to be kept in your purse or pocket during the daylight hours to conjure aid. Sacred spell kit sets can be found to protect ourselves from those living under the shadow of unhappy souls, bring peace to a home and those inside of it, or to make your own love magick witch bottle to release positive energy around you. Here you will find the spell kits you are looking for.

We have altar kit supplies that will get your altar ready for use. And if you don’t want to assemble your own, we have a fully stocked pentacle chest of witchcraft. For those spirits that want to create their own altar kit, we have everything you need – from Brideog kits and gemstone altars to frankincense and myrrh ritual sets and Sabbat items.

Sacred Mists offers spell kits for any and every wish! Our variety includes love, baby blessing, healing, fertility, money spell kits and so many more! 

Altar Kits
Altar Kits

Spell + Ritual Kits
Spell + Ritual Kits

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