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Rainbow Fluorite Tumbled Stone - AA Quality ~ Large

Rainbow Fluorite Tumbled Stone - AA Quality ~ Large

Limited ~ You will receive one of these beautiful larger sized AA Quality Rainbow Fluorite. Hand-chosen for color and quality by Lady Lorien & Lady Lilyth.

Rich in shades of blue, green, purple and white these are absolutely stunning in color, vibrance and some even have rainbow inclusions. Rainbow Fluorite Medallions are ready to lend you it's energies for many things including healing, matters of spirit, and balance

Fluorite is a calcium fluoride crystal and can be found in a wide variety of colors from white, green, purple, red, pink, blue and even black. Most often you will find multiple colors within a single stone.

Fluorite can act as a sort of "psychic vacuum cleaner", clearing the surrounding area and atmosphere of confusion, negativity or any other sort of "harmful" energies hanging around. It is found to be balancing to the third eye. It can assist in clear thinking.

Certain colors of fluorite have properties which are specific to them. Here are attributes you can find within this gemstone

Purple Fluorite is ideal for purification and helps facilitate the mind's access to the domains and realms of spirit.
Green Fluorite can cleanse and heal the heart chakra. It can also bridge the gap between the mind and heart in decisions.
White Fluoriteis an excellent channeling color to bring harmonious energies and to amplify the properties of other colors present in the gem.
Blue Fluorite is an aid to intuition. The calm energy of blue fluorite promotes inner peace, establishes emotional balance and promotes clear communication.

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