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Pure Beeswax Taper Candles - Hand Dipped Pairs - 1 Left

Pure Beeswax Taper Candles - Hand Dipped Pairs - 1 Left

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Each pair of these elegant, 100% pure beeswax tapers have been dipped with a steady hand at least 20 times, into vats of naturally filtered, molten beeswax. This time-honored process, combining the most precious of candle waxes with skilled chandler craftsmanship, creates long, even burning tapers. The natural color is that of pure beeswax with no colored beeswax overlay. Our colored candles are dipped during the final process in beeswax that has been deeply tinted with food-grade colorants. When burned, the color blends with the interior of the candle and you cannot tell that only a sparse bit of the final process is what makes the color present on the candle itself. A truly miraculous process and one that we know you'll appreciate as it ensures that no impact is present on the natural flame that can only be found when burning 100% pure, beeswax candles.

Made from the nectar of flowers by industrious honeybees, beeswax emits a sweet, subtle, honey like fragrance. 100% natural, and free of paraffin and other toxins, our tapers will burn completely soot free and dripless if kept out of major drafts. They burn with a steady, healthy sized flame that radiates a spectrum of light that matches the sun and have a much longer burn time when compared with machine drawn paraffin tapers.

As always, our wicks are made from 100% cotton and contain absolutely no lead, zinc or other metal. Each candle is a full 12" x 7/8" and burns for over 12 hours. Price is per pair.

Select from 10 delicious colors!

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