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Problem Solving - Blessed Herbal Candle

Problem Solving - Blessed Herbal Candle

Made When the Moon is Right!

Vision Quest (Meditation and Problem Solving) Candle - Honeysuckle Flower Blend

Problem solving is what this candle's blessing is. Take a moment to hear the small still voice inside and you will find your reward. For genuine answers to personal questions, one must search for their own truths and understanding.


*This candle is designed to enhance visualizations, meditations, and trances by taking you to a deeper and more intense level.

*Going to these depths removes your daily influences, freeing the mind to receive the Divine knowledge needed in problem solving.


-During a Waning Moon is the best time to use this candle, for it is easier to clear the mind and work through blockages.

-The Waning Moon is also a great time for meditation, although meditation should be used whenever it is needed.

OTHER INFO: Honey was used by the ancients to develop psychic abilities, especially in the area of prophesy. What better color to awaken our prophetic abilities when searching for our own answers. Cramming for a final? Use Vision Quest to help you retain information and tap into the universal flow of facts and figures.

Old World Wisdom Blended with Today's Needs to Create Your Own Magic! Blessed Herbal Candles are created with herbs, oils and related colors to help achieve your dreams. Each candle includes a beautiful uplifting spell blessing and message.

We tapped into the ancient mystical secrets of herbal magic and by all of our customer’s accounts, IT WORKS! Making herbal candles is something we take very seriously. Starting with purposeful recipes and high quality materials, we add in the magic of personal blessings while hand pouring them during the phase of the moon that will best intensify their energy. These beautiful candles have an old-world hand made look.

Blessed Herbal Candles 1 1/2" X 7 1/2 Burns 40 Hours - Safe Cotton Wicking

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