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Intuitive Tarot Certification Course

Intuitive Tarot Certification Course

Throughout history, man and woman-kind has sought to look beyond the ken of their contemporary world and into the future: to seek out the changes of the world to come, and more specifically, to discern the details of their own destiny. Numerous methods of divination have been discovered over the millennia. The designs of thrown stones and sticks, the shapes of the clouds or insides of animals, psychic revelations, solar and lunar omens, and dreams have all been used to perceive visions of the future. In these instances, everyday objects are imbued with the powers of the analytical subconscious and spiritual connections in order to make clear the hazy details of the cosmos.

Our Course Includes Detailed Study On the Tarot Such As:

* Tarot Background
* Intuition & Ethics
* The Fool's Journey
* Symbolism in the Major Arcana
* Symbolism in the Minor Arcana
* Detailed work with each Minor Arcana Suit
* Introduction into Spreads
* Working with Different Decks
* Putting it all Together

Course payment is completed for six months, in advance with automatic renewal, includes one time $30 enrollment fee.

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