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Historical Paganism Certification Course

Historical Paganism Certification Course

Earn Your Certification in
Advanced Historical Paganism Studies

Travel through time, beginning 4 million years ago, and take a journey through the ages as we explore ancient paganism as it evolved on every continent and throughout every culture our world has ever known.

Image to left is John Collier's Pythia, Priestess at Delphi.

If you have not yet visited our website and submitted your enrollment form, we invite you to click this link to be taken there in order for you to learn more about our educational offerings and enroll today!

Each lesson builds on the previous one to build a foundation of understanding across the continents. Your journey through Historical Paganism will take you from the very beginnings of our evolution, into Mesopotamia, Arabia, Ancient Persia, Greece, Rome, Europe, Asia and more. This is an in-depth, fascinating look into our spiritual past, filled with scientific fact and archaeological theory.

Personal Interaction, Training and Assessment

Through our online message boards you will be engaging with teachers and facilitators highly trained in the field of archaeology and ancient religious practices, along with all of your fellow students who will also be taking the Historical Paganism course. Your coursework will be submitted via our online system, and you will receive personal assessment and commentary directly to you as you progress through the course. Enjoy robust conversation and communication as you explore the mysterious world of pagan history with your fellow witches around the world!

Price includes $25.00 enrollment fee and 6 months of tuition at $20.00 per month.

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