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Happy Home - Blessed Herbal Candle

Happy Home - Blessed Herbal Candle

Made When the Moon is Right!

Happy Home - Warm Rose & Myrrh Blend

Create your own environment that is warm and inviting, or bless others with the "good wishes" that promote happiness and good health in any home or gathering of people. Calm a stormy household, feel the tension and stress dissolve.


*Bring a warm ambience and happiness into your home with wishes to dissolve tension and stress.

*Warm wishes to others for housewarmings and happiness.


Made during the Waxing Moon to attract happiness into your life and home.

-Use during a New Moon when all is still and quiet if your home is full of chaos.

-Use during a Waning Moon to focus on dispelling all that troubles your household.

OTHER INFO: Brown of Earth - Red of the Root Chakra creates a feeling of stability & nurturing. Earth represents our Eternal Mother and her unconditional love. With our Root Chakra, we feel safe enough to create a productive and Happy Home.

We tapped into the ancient mystical secrets of herbal magic, and by all of our customer’s accounts, IT WORKS!

Making herbal candles is something we take very seriously. Starting with purposeful recipes and high quality materials, we add in the magic of personal blessings while hand pouring them during the phase of the moon that will best intensify their energy.

All of our Blessed Herbal Candles have a beautiful, old-world hand made look.

1 1/2" X 7 1/2 Pillars 40 Hours Cotton Wick

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