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Rose Quartz - Natural State

Rose Quartz - Natural State

Rose Quartz pieces in their rough, or "natural", state. As part of the quartz group, rose quartz is a crystal with a variety of metaphysical uses.

Rose quartz is a soothing stone with the ability to soften the edges of our existence. It is said to make negative experiences or influences less detrimental while strengthening the positive aspects of our daily lives.

Rose quartz is in tune with the emotional aspects of self. Its energies can help us learn to love ourselves, and through this, give us an increased ability to love others. Rose quartz stimulates love on many levels, and it can lead to being better able to accept negative situations and aspects of our daily lives. Rose Quartz promotes empathy, sensitivity, a strong heart, romance, and the ability to love.

Rose quartz can help bolster low self-esteem. Its energies are soothing and nurturing, and this makes this stone one of the best choices for people going through emotional traumas like divorce or loss of a loved one. It has a sympathetic nature, and quickly attunes itself to the emotional needs of whoever possesses it.

This stone amplifies love, helping us realize that all change is important. Its gentle vibrations stimulate love and tender appreciation of all things. It can help us find that space inside ourselves where we can accept situations that would normally cause us pain.

On the physical side, rose quartz is said to benefit the heart and the circulatory system. It is also said to help the cleansing organs. It may also help the reproductive organs become more in tune with the positive energies we need to express tenderness and love on a physical level. Rose quartz thus can help us express physical love and may even increase fertility.

Rose quartz's ability to enhance love in ourselves and in others makes it a good choice for most people. Its subtle energies sooth and nurture, and can help us deal with stress and difficult situations. It helps with self-esteem, and is one of the best all around stones for a new age. Rose quartz can help everyone lead a better life.

Rose Quartz and synergy:

Rose quartz can benefit anyone, but is highly recommended for those born during The Moon of Long Days - (21 Jun - 21 Jul). Its soothing energies can help us find the maturity and wisdom to accept life's negative aspects, transmuting them through the power of love and allowing us to see them as the lessons they are.

People born during this time of the year constantly strive to maximize their potential, and rose quartz can aid them in this quest by helping them keep things in perspective, allowing them to move forward in their exploration of possibilities.

Rose quartz is especially good for those born under the zodiac sign of Cancer.

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