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Love Potion

Love Potion

What you'll need:

-A decorative bottle with a cap or spout

-8 oz of extra virgin cold pressed olive oil (for ingesting spell)

-or 8 oz 100% Jojoba oil (for inhaling spell)

-fresh herbs, oils, and other botanicals*

It is best to use fresh, dried herbs from your own garden, dried because the water content in fresh herbs can spoil the potion with mold spores and from your own garden because the energies of others who have grown, picked and handled herbs for your spells can linger and spoil the spell.

If you haven't cultivated your own herbs and spices, never fear, for the easiest way to make the herbs your own is to "cleanse" them while you dry them. Begin by filling the bottom of a pie tin with sea salt and laying the fresh herbs on top for 24 hours. If they are still moist after that, put the tin, salt and all into a warm (not hot) oven and check every 15 minutes until dry. You can usually obtain fresh herbs from a specailty grocer. If you have the time, you can hang them upside down in a sunny window until dry. There is no need to cleanse herbs no matter where you got them if you do this as the act of drying in your own home for at least a week bonds them to your energy.

To cleanse the unwanted energies of others from dried herbs that you purchase from a farmers market or grocery store, you should store them in a salted cupboard (one that is regularly cleansed by changing out a fresh pouch of seasalt every equinox) overnight. Salting all the cupboards where you store your foods is a good practice.

There are two kind of love is for ingesting and one is for inhaling, usually in the form of a ritual bath, and both are powerful in creating a lasting bond with your beloved.

For the ingesting spell, start with 8 oz. of extra virgin olive oil in a glass or stainless steel bowl (you can use stone, wood or any natural substance...anything but plastic. It's not just because plastic is "fake" but more importantly plastic is made out of crude oil and it's by-products will chemically react with many of the ingredients you put into it. If you are using a single herb (like rosemary) for the potion you can take two or three good sized sprigs and poke them down into the bottle and then add your oil and cork. Bottle should be bathed in moonlight, but if time is of the essence one weeks worth of moonlight can be traded for one days worth of sunshine. If there is no sun I reccomend setting the potion beneath a lamp using a full spectrum bulb for 12 hours...

If you are mixing several ingredients you should put them in the bowl and gently stir with a wooden or stainless steel spoon. Let settle for a hour and then funnel the oil into the bottle. You might need a cheese cloth or sifter for small particle herbs and seeds. As long as particles are not too small they may be left inside the bottle.

Once you have filled and set your bottle you may give it to your beloved as a gift for cooking or you may use it to cook for your the very least you should introduce your beloved to the potion as the act of giving and receiving constitutes consent. It is never a good idea to use a potion on someone with out their consent.

To create an ingestible potion there are two aspects to consider and both of them are important. Taste and purpose. If you only took into account the purpose of the spell you could use some perfecly edible (but truly nasty tasting herbs and that will completely defeat the purpose of the potion if it is not good enough to eat. Now you can mask certain flavors, and when it comes to adding qualities to a potion it is not always important to add alot of a particular herb...just a grain or two of a particularily stout herb is usually all that is required of any with an ingestible Love Potion taste is the most important thing.

Deciding which herbs to select:

What dried herbs you want to add depending on the type of bond you wish to create. You can use a solitary herb for strong, stable potion, or you can combine herbs for their synergistic, magickal powers.

Dried Rosemary from your garden will produce a love potion is deeply rooted in familial love...or as I like to call it, the marryin' kind of love.

You can spice it up by adding a dried pepper...but not toothat much as not to disturb the relationship between the heart and stomach.

A clove or two of dried garlic will keep the sexpots want to keep your beloved all to yourself, but not too much garlic because YOU still want to be attracted to them, and too much garlic keeps EVERYONE away.

Where flavor is the lead in blending an ingestible potion, aroma takes the reigns when it comes to the inhaled spell. Any edible substance for the most part may also be inhaled, but do you seriouslly want to smell like garlic or dill? The cat might find you attractive but that's not the point, is it. So when concocting an aromatic spell, be sure to combine scents that are complimentary, and know that some scents, particularly the more woody rosemary will overpwer most of the fragrance. But that really is ok when it comes to the aromatic spell because the subject will still be affected by the underlying notes. They do not need to distiguish between them to be swayed by them.

So again you will take your jojoba oil (or you can use olive oil for bath) and your herbs and combine them as you would the ingestible spell, leaving them to set in moon ( or sun) light and then offered as a gift. This love potion that you create will be uniquely yours and thus you create the intention from the combination of ingredients you select. So for completing the spell, you simply: give thanks, knowing that you are one with all that is and in this knowing you bless and offer your love to your true hearts desire in knowing that they are also one with spirit, so therefore you both are joined in spirit and blessed in return. and so it is

*Here is a list of fragrant aromatic herbs with their magickal properties:

Bay(leaves) : Ingested or inhaled; Used to attract a soul mate.

Cardamom: Used to arouse a lover. It is known as a compelling herb.

Caraway Seeds: Used to increase lust in another. Are said to stop infidelity.

Cinnamon(sticks): Used to increase passion between two people. Use only very small amounts in bath as it can burn sensitive areas.

Coriander: Used to deepen and strengthen an existing love relationship.

Cumin: Strong; Passionate; Used to keep a lover faithful to you.

Dill: To protect and strengthen an existing love.

Ginger: Used to arouse a reluctant lover or cure impotence. When added to other love drawing herbs it is said to accelerate desired results.

Jasmine: The flowers are used to ensure a successful seduction.

Lavender: Sweet smelling herb is thought to straighten out marital problems and ensure fidelity.

Myrtle: Used to increase fertility.

Orange Blossoms: Fragrance used in bath to attract a marriage proposal.

Rosemary: Used in every way, ingested, as incense, as oil and in a sachet, to bind two people together in a gentle, loving bond.

Red hot chili peppers: These amazing hot red fruits aid the release of endorphins for an uplifting buzz.

Sweet Pea: An attraction flower. Used to increase popularity.

Vanilla pods: Seductive powers; Are thought to lower another's inhibitions.

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