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Ostara Protective Egg Charm

Protect your home and family

The not-so-humble egg is inarguably the most pervasive symbol of the worlds spring festivals, Ostara included. Within its shell is contained all the archetypical connections humanity has ever held with life, death, and life renewed. This eternal cycle of rebirth at spring is a major theme in the spring holidays of virtually every one of the worlds religions, from the most ancient Pagan expressions of spirituality to the most modern sects of Christianity.

How did the egg--particularly the chicken egg--get appointed to this lofty position of symbolizing a universe full of new life? Like many of our modern holiday customs, the eggs place in spring spiritual rites is derived from the way our ancestors observed the natural world around them and honored their deities through these natural occurrences. With modern refrigeration, factory farming, and a fast-moving global marketplace making a variety of food abundant to us year round, its hard for us to fully comprehend that food was once a seasonal commodity that as impossible to obtain when the natural conditions allowing it to be produced were unavailable.

The eyes of a laying hen and the amount of light she receives are the components responsible for her ability to produce eggs. A hen lays eggs when the retina, the part of the eye that captures light and images, is stimulated for periods of twelve hours or more by sunlight. When that light stimulation ends, so does her laying cycle. Because fire, the only source of light for our ancestors, was not a strong enough light to fool the hens retina, there were no fresh eggs for a full six months out of every year.

Though the scientific connection between light stimulation and laying cycles would be not known for many more centuries, their laying pattern was still reliable. Hens could be counted on to begin producing fresh eggs at the spring equinox and cease producing them around the autumnal equinox, a holiday period associated with dying and death and imagery opposite that of Ostara. As the world bloomed and greened anew each Ostara, the abundance of fresh eggs made them a natural symbol of new life.

In Asia, red-colored eggs are on occasion offered at funerals and births to symbolize the natural cycles of life, death, and rebirth. In the Ukraine, eggs called krashanka sometimes dyed in shades of bright yellow are eaten to celebrate the rebirth of the sun. More elaborate eggs, called pysanky, are decorated to use as talismans of fertility, prosperity, and protection. In places as diverse as west-central Africa and the southern Appalachian Mountains of the United States, eggs are buried near cemeteries to encourage reincarnation.

Information from
Ostara: Customs, Spells & Rituals for the Rites of Spring

Protective Egg Charm

What you needAn egg (or several, one for each member of your family)
a mini spell candle in white, green or yellow
Traditionally Cinquefoil leaf and Dogwood are used as a filling, but you can vary this depending on where you live and your personal protective arsenal of herbs (I prefer a mixture of CLOVES, CORRIANDER seed and DRAGON'S BLOOD RESIN) Take an egg and, by poking small holes at each end of it, empty it out. Light your candle, and when it has gone down at least halfway, Fill the egg with your protective herbs, then seal the holes with wax from your candle. Decorate the egg with symbols from Runes or other symbols of protection, and the names of each member of your family or you can leave it natural. Gather a nice basket full of fresh grass and flowers, and display it prominently...Your home, family and property will be protected.

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