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Datura, Jimson Weed Seeds

Datura, Jimson Weed Seeds

Witches Lore: Known now as Thorn Apple, this plant has hallucinogenic effects. The name derives from the prickly fruits, and the juice from these fruits was applied to the mothers' nipples to kill unwanted infants.

Hedgewitch healers would place a fresh leaf behind the ear to prevent motion sickness. Also would make a fresh leaf poultice (applied externally) to allay pain of rheumatic and gladular swellings.

Toxicity: This is not traditionally found in a witches garden as it is a "new world plant" but we feel this would look fantastic in any witches garden or even a moon garden due to the fantastic coloring of this blossoming plant.

All parts of the plant are toxic---leaf, root, flower and seed. Due to this toxicity, we advise caution when growing and using this beautiful flowering plant

How to grow:

Annual. The time for seed germination is 2-6 weeks and can be done at room temperature. This is a hardy plant that grows throughout the world, preferring rich soil and full sun exposure.

Flowers can be light blue or white on a purple stem. Direct seed in warm, sunny location, or start in greenhouse in flats or pots. All the Datura species can be cultivated in the same manner, all contain stramonium and other potent alkaloids.

Organically grown 50 seeds/pkt.

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