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Fully Stocked Chest of Witchcraft *

Five Styles to Choose From!

Fully Stocked Chest of Witchcraft * SM-FS-CHEST

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Our gorgeous, Pentacle Chest of Witchcraft cabinet comes to you FULLY STOCKED! Perfect for the true, Working Witch(TM)!

This beautiful, olde world styled chest is loaded with the items you need right at hand.

Includes the following:

* Pentacle Chest of Witchcraft
* 5 bags of magickal herbs (we want to be sure that your herbs are extremely fresh, therefore we'll choose 5 from our current stock available).
* 1 half ounce bottle of Wiccan Altar Oil.
* Six mini-candles - Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Black (colors may vary)
* 2 beautiful Bubble Magick or other in stock Glass Mini Candle Holders
* Genuine cast iron "Witchy" cauldron (styles vary)
* 2 charcoal discs
* Chunk of real, premium Gold Seal Dragon's Blood resin
* Bag of beautiful, polished offering stones
* Small size Color Magick Sizzling Spell Paper
* Small size Plantable Affirmations Spell Paper
* Beautiful Pewter Blessing & Affirmation Goddess that carries words of encouragement from the Goddess as you walk your life’s path.

About the Pentacle Chest of Witchcraft:
A deeply carved, olde world pentacle on the top, front and both sides. It has a storage area when the top opens, then a drawer and then a door with even more roomy storage (the cauldron and other items fit perfectly within the door-storage compartment). It is adorned with burnished metal accents and looks fantastic. This chest is so usable you'll want to re-stock it again and again! A true chest cabinet for the practitioner. Makes a magnificent altar piece.

Overall size is 8.5" tall, 5.5" wide and 4.5" deep. Drawer is 2.5" x 3" inside size. Door is 4" x 4".

* Shipping weight 6 pounds.

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