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Cherry Quartz Obelisk #3

Cherry Quartz Obelisk #3

The obelisk shape is a fantastic focal piece for working within sacred space to bridge the space between man and Gods or the Universe. In practice this aids our ability for channeling our will to the Sacred Divine. The vibrant cinnabar is collected along the side with wispy fragments creating a splash of color in an otherwise clear and energetic point skyward.

You will receive the pictured obelisk, sized at approximately 8.5" x 2.5". The beauty of this obelisk was chosen for your sacred space and its amazing energy!

Cherry quartz is an amazingly beautiful stone. There is a lot of conversation about this stone as it is an infusion of stone and mineral that is made by man.

These truly amazing and beautiful stones are made by fusing natural stone and mineral in a modern alchemical process, manifesting into a new stone that holds truly unique and beneficial qualities for your practice.

Cherry quartz is crafted utilizing natural reconstituted quartz and cinnabar; remnants of the cutting and shaping of these two metaphysically powerful gifts of the earth. The resulting material is then melted and given its beautiful, energetic flashes of rich red in the clear quartz.

Through this alchemy, a stunning and truly powerful new stone is brought to life, yielding both quartz AND cinnabar properties.

Clear quartz is one of the most versatile stones available. Three of its most used and key attributes are energy amplification, program-ability and memory. Unlike other stones, which carry certain relatively fixed properties, clear quartz can be “programmed” by focused intention to help achieve a goal or purpose.

A stone of Light, it can bring heightened spiritual awareness to whoever uses, carries or wears clear quartz. It provides a clear pathway for higher vibrational frequencies to be transmitted. Sleeping with clear quartz can enhance the vividness of dreams. Quartz can encourage clarity, enhance communication with guides, amplify psychic abilities and stimulate all chakras.

Cinnabar has associations with spiritual alchemy. It is said to have been used to attract abundance in wealth and support altruistic businesses.

Cinnabar assists the spiritual alchemist by stimulating psychic transformation and aids in the manifestation of spiritual energy. It also enhances spiritual perception.

Together you get a beautiful meaning.

Cherry quartz brings new hope, relief from anxiety, tension, and acts as an anti-depressant.

Cherry quartz is an energy stone and a powerful healing stone for the spirit. You may find increased vitality, confidence and vision in seeing things in the "bigger picture".

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