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Chalcopyrite - Natural Stone

Chalcopyrite - Natural Stone

Beautiful pieces of Chalcopyrite, which is also known as Peacock Ore.

Chalcopyrite assists one in finding lost objects; "Disappears" to accumulate information helpful to the user; Enhances perception; strengthens contact with ancient cultures of the universe, by acting as a connective agent; Considered a "stone of the mystic" ... bringing information relevant to the etheric energies; opens and activates the crown chakra; Excellent for use in "no-mind meditations" ... and assists one in reaching and maintaining that state.

Often called the stone of joy, this brightly colored metallic stone is used to create happiness. It provides us with the message that life is indeed truly joyful. A good choice for those who suffer with depression and loneliness. Peacock Ore has a way of transforming negative energy into positive, great for those who have a negative image of life! On the physical level, this stone is said to aid the cellular structure in the body.

Chalcopyrite vibrates to Number 9.

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