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Celtic Magic

Celtic Magic

Celtic craft is rooted with a strong sense of spirituality and a love of the earth. Central to this love are the two main deities; the Earth Mother Goddess and the Horned God, altough many other minor deities were seen to represent specific qualities important to the Celts. In Celtic witchcraft magic is everywhere, woven into their lives through their adornments, their tattoos and all their artwork and everyday items such as clothing and cutlery.

The Druids are the religious leaders of the Celtic people,the wise and magical priests and priestesses whose special blend of wisdom and magic provided a powerful role model for all the Celtic people. The Druidic priesthood was orginally all-female, which male initiates only becoming accepted after many years.

According to Laurie Cabot, Druidesses were divided into three levels, or classes: the highest class were celibate and lived in convents, and were eventually assimilated into Christianity as nuns. The other two levels could be married and lived either with their husbands, or in the temples. With the onset of Christianity these wise women were called witches.

Spirituality is of primary import to Celts, and their devotion to the earth, their goddesses and gods and the effort which they put into their worship is proof of their highly spiritual nature. Although the names of the deities worshipped and the titles of the Sabbats may be different to other Pagan practices, despite the regional dialects which occur in the Celtic rituals, there are strong similarities between Celtic witchcraft and Wicca practiced elsewhere on the globe.

The Magick of Celtic Symbols
The Magick of Celtic Symbols

The Celts transmitted their culture orally, never writing down history or facts...they communicated through their artwork, which many have found the basis for interpreting their spirituality.

Celtic Clothing
Celtic Clothing

Old world attire featuring both rare and unusual designs and high quality clothing artfully recreated for the 21st century.

Celtic Jewelry
Celtic Jewelry

Beautiful Handcrafted Celtic jewelry including imported and american crafted designs in gold and sterling silver.

Celtic Books  + Journals
Celtic Books + Journals

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