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Aqua Obsidian Sphere

Aqua Obsidian Sphere

These truly amazing and beautiful spheres are made by fusing natural stone and mineral in a modern alchemical process, manifesting a new stone that holds truly unique and beneficial qualities for your practice.

Aqua Obsidian is crafted utilizing natural reconstituted quartz and obsidian; remnants of the cutting and shaping of these two metaphysically powerful gifts of the earth. The resulting material is then melted and given its beautiful, energetic aqua color.

Through this alchemy, a stunning and truly powerful new stone is brought to life, yielding both quartz AND obsidian properties. Because of this marriage, you will find the strength and protection of obsidian while you are gaining clarity as you traverse through the turbulent waters of your emotions during stressful situations.

Some additional properties of this stone include a boost to intuition as well as providing you with strength when speaking to others, as well as moments when you must make important decisions.

Each sphere is chosen for clarity and energy. Size is approximately 50mm.

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