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All Is Sacred Larimar + Sterling Silver Pendant ~ ONLY 1

All Is Sacred Larimar + Sterling Silver Pendant ~ ONLY 1

Regular price: $134.95Sale price: $84.95
Expertly crafted with genuine Larimar, a extremely rare gemstone that comes from a single-source mine off the Caribbean coast of the Dominican Republic. There are many imitations and even lab-grown Larimar on the market. Don't be fooled! Buy genuine Larimar for its amazing beauty and absolutely tangible energy that you will feel from the moment you come in contact with it.

Pendant is cut and certified at approximately 11 grams of true Larimar. 1.75" inches from top of bail to base of pendant. Sterling silver (.9925%) accenting and bail.

Metaphysical Properties of Larimar:
Opens creativity in the throat area, helps soul mates to find one another while healing negative karma between soul mates and lovers. Allows for open communication between soul mates. This is an exciting healing stone which should be worked with on a continual basis. Larimar is an excellent stone to aid in relationship communication of any kind. Gives the wearer a strong, tangible sense of peace. It is very calming, which is no surprise, since Larimar is from the Caribbean. Brings tranquility of water and sea as well as the cooling breezes of the ocean air to heart and mind. Soothes and uplifts hurt, fear, depression, pain of life, changes with love. Self-expression, patience, acceptingness, simplicity, creativity, artwork. Pleasantly uplifts the heart and eases stress.

For Use in Healing: Cools, draws out inflammation, fevers, sunburn heat. Especially helps the creativity and throat CTR (shoulder, thyroid, nose).

Only 2 Left!!

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